A decent, professional way to seeking and receiving help

Now we don’t have to post their pictures all over social media just to raise money

Access help with dignity. A channel for people to offer help and get help at givers.com.ng.

Want to help?

There is no better way to give in a way that won’t hamper your finances than to give a small amount and to give that regularly.

Who are the givers?

We are everyday people just like you. Students, professionals, business people, seniors, religious persons, and even children.

We are grouping together to respond to verifiable needs, especially medical attention.

We contribute resources including money, connections, social media word of mouth to raise the money, and prayers.

Hear this about how far your help helps

  • Many have no medical emergency funds
    It is not only the ‘poor’ that needs help; our society’s lapses make it tough for people to have savings to cater for things such as medicals!
  • Suffering: how billions live without basics
    A world where adults have no money to provide a meal for their dependents is the reality for millions of people.
  • Arise!
    The greatest change can happen when we touch lives and we do it together. The answers to prayers may lie in your hands.