why we launched

Loaded by, triggered a star’s plight

The year 2020 is a special year for several reasons. Aside it’s global showoff of a variety of incidences in diverse areas of the society including health security, it also marked the year we repackaged and relaunched an effort that is over 10 years old –

That new wave of assault on the content marketing and web presence goals of our team gave rise to several premium corporate blogs and websites including Givers . We focused on key challenges facing our nation as well as several others, and you will agree that financial problems, lack, and poverty are major challenges and concerns.

The name idea and a wandering day on Twitter

Begging online has become part of the Internet culture in Nigeria, with social media and social networks in particular as the grounds on which it runs. Some are done by third-parties and individuals go online to beg for their daily meals sometimes.

We are not interested in the why, the appropriateness and such of those who go online to beg for themselves, and Givers was not developed to cater to those too. Rather, it was the instance of begging on behalf of an actress that made us see the light.

She was in need of medical help. Her current medical situation (meaning her picture) was brought to show or prompt the need for assistance. Although at that moment, it was nothing new since we had several instances of actors, actresses, musicians, and everyday Nigerians whose cases had drifted on the timelines of social media.

It was much later that the thing struck, and why it struck us at this time we’ll never know; it is not humane in any way, nor is it healthy to the current state of an ill person to have their state spread on the Internet for any reason. The health condition of a person is private.

Although it struck us, there wasn’t nothing we know about that could attempt to make things different. No idea or inspiration. Days or weeks later, an idea/project we had been used years back to illustrate web development came to mind. Then we sought to find a name for that community of people needed to preserve dignity and yet offer assistance to verified cases.

That name was Givers.

Even though we run a system where our corporate blogs and web platforms launch with the support of a business or organization that operates in the same niche as the blog, we had no company lined up to fund the development of Givers.

Despite this, we decided to go ahead. The social need for a project like this is worth the resources involved and of course we will always get a partner for it sooner than later.

Givers was also going to be more than a blog and a lot of thinking had to be done on its implementation. We are still at work building various part of the project. The first part of Givers was launched on the network on July 12, 2020.

Businesses can benefit from Corporate Blogging

If you are a business owner, you can also be like one of the companies that are leveraging our blogs and platforms. With us, they literally launched a complete blogging and content marketing department by partnering with us. Instead of paying a lot of money for a single sponsored post on a blog which does not focus or ally with their primary business area, they instead have a complete platform running to link up their existing customers and potential customers who are interested in the niche the blog covers.

Those companies don’t need to do anything. They don’t need to hire security content researchers and writers, designers, server admins, or buy infrastructure to host their own blog. They face their core business and power to face the content and media strategy.

Contact today to get started, we’ll launch your own custom corporate blogging platform. It will be as interesting and beautiful as Givers too.